On Fri, 31 Jul 2009 07:54:13 -0400, Dan Shirah wrote:

>> How does that work considering that mysql_query() only
>> returns true or false on INSERT? I'd expect the script
>> to fail on $result not being a valid resource.
> I don't know about mysql as I work with MSSQL Server and Informix, but for
> me it works like this:
>    $insert = ifx_prepare("INSERT INTO my_table
>           VALUES ('0')", $connect_id);
>    ifx_do($insert) or die ("Query failed");
>    ifx_free_result($insert);
> By using PREPARE and DO to execute the queries it allows ifx_free_result to
> release those resources.

That explains it. (You'd have to use the MySQLi extension
to use prepared statements with MySQL, unless I'm confused).
Personally, I try to make it a point to free resources as
soon as possible.


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