> How  would you go about ensuring the memory is not exhausted when running a
> script ?
> I have a script, which to make it basic ... reads values from files, I
> create an array of values per file then with a foreach insert values into a
> table, I have added a line to echo the memory use after each array is done
> (after insert is done and the foreach is complete for the file) with: ->
> echo "Mem SQL: ".memory_get_usage() . "\n";
> It gave me this result below:
> Mem SQL: 8341312
> Mem SQL: 8461856
> Mem SQL: 8693440
> Mem SQL: 9327008
> Mem SQL: 9798952
> Mem SQL: 10238392
> Mem SQL: 10604776
> As can be seen the mem usage simply grows,
> I have added a line after each iteration of the foreach is complete to
> unset
> the vars and array ... thinking this would basically clear up the allocated
> memmory used by the array ... and it would start at 0 again for the next
> array looped, but obviously this is not quite the answer.
> The question is then how do you "clear"  memmory then ?

I don't know what version of SQL you are using, but I have found that using:


Helped my queries run much faster and use less resources. I had something
similar to your script where I would read lines from a huge file and then
insert the contents into my database.  Before adding the above the process
would take 20-30 minutes.  After freeing the results after each insert my
script completed in about 5-8 minutes.

Just add that within your foreach loop after you execute your query that
inserts the info.

Hope that helps.


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