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4. If you have huge load, then it is much more efficient (and easier) to use other methods. For Example: install APC (http://fi2.php.net/apc ) It will cache all requests to your files and this will have huge impact on your performance. Much more than you can achieve by stripping comments on moving functions around. (and it is also very easy to install)

Also Memcached & Mysql optimization may help a lot.

Unfortunately I had to turn of APC file caching because it had conflicts with mdb2. So the only benefit I see from APC is manual caching (mostly db queries).

APC also seems to have broken uploadprogress - I guess I could switch to using APC's built in upload progress, but I really prefer to have code that works whether or not APC is enabled.

Hopefully these issues can be worked around.
I may be able to use come kind of regex to get APC to ignore pear files, or maybe mdb2 can be patched to no longer have a conflict with apc.

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