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>> >> Nested tables are the devils playthings!
>> I must be the devil, then.  I enjoy playing with them.  And if they're done 
>> right they
>> seem to work on every system I have tried them on.  Granted Dreamweaver 
>> design mode gets
>> its knickers in a knot if you nest them more than about 4 deep.
>> That's the joy of HTML errors - often the output will appear normal until 
>> you make some
>> minor, and apparently irrelevant, change, when it all goes haywire.
>That's not the only point. If you're on a slow connection you'll notice
>the issue. Some browsers only start displaying the page once all the
>layout data has been loaded. I've seen some sites with nesting levels of
>7 tables deep sometimes, and that's just a mess. I'm also unsure how
>text/speech/Braille browsers deal with complex table sites too.

I once watched a blind man go through one of my sites. I was apprehensive 
because I had no
made no attempt to achieve compatibility, and had not bothered with any alt = ''
declarations. The images were all in their own tables, and they all had titles, 
and he
said that because of this the site was relatively good.
>And tables shouldn't be used for layout, use CSS instead!...

I was talking to another web designer last night. He started life as a 
designer, and said
that he liked CSS because it was written by designers.  On the other hand I 
started life
as a programmer (well I really started life as an engineer), and I find CSS 
hard to
understand, and harder to write.  I can readily produce what I want with 
tables, but I
have no idea how I could achieve many of the results I get with CSS alone.

How, for example, could I otherwise achieved the following effect, which 
displays an image
with a border slightly darker than the background, and with the title and 
subtitle inside
the border?

   <table class="pfm">
          <img src="Images/Nxxxxx.jpg" width="210" height="300">
          <p class="nrmltextn">Yanni Nxxxxx </p>
          <p class="notetextn">Sally Riordan Scholarship, 2007- </p>

(And the thing that really astounds me about CSS is that they never thought of 
putting in
constants. Instead of being able to specify a set of colours, and then simply 
quote them
in the CSS whenever they are needed, I have to specify them in PHP, and then 
encode them
into the CSS every time I use them, which is a real pain in the XXXX. The total 
lack of
diagnostics is another real pain.)

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