At 10:54 AM +1000 8/9/09, Clancy wrote:
On Sat, 8 Aug 2009 07:53:42 -0400, (tedd) wrote:
 >Also, if you use first-child, it could be taken down to:

<div class="pfm">
     <img src="Images/Nxxxxx.jpg">
     <p>Yanni Nxxxxx </p>
     <p>Sally Riordan Scholarship, 2007- </p>

Except that line 2 is smaller than line 1. In my scheme of things <p> has normal paragraph spacing, 'nrmltxtn' has zero spacing, and 'notetxtn' is a size smaller, also
with zero line spacing.

Yes, but using first-child you can make the first child <p> of class "pfm" whatever you want while making all other children <p>'s in the class something else.

But, as it was said, IE's have problems with first-child rules.




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