I did this, and got my arrays dumped (on one line). After adding line returns, here is a snippet:

it looks OK. Note that you can see (copy/paste) that array which you just dumped, much better, if you view the source code of the html page. OR you can use <pre> to make that format persist thru' to what you see without viewing the source., Like so:

        echo "<hr /><pre>\n";
        echo "</pre>\n";
        echo "<hr />\n";

My brain is so full of my own work.. and I am newbie compared to most lurking here.. but I am sure we'll figure out your issue if we work on it systematically. OK, your OP just said, "..I can't seem to get my foreach loops to work.." , but you never said exactly what is the problem. Break the problem down to the smallest thing that you can find that is not behaving as you expect it to, and explain THAT to me. We'll do this step by step.


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