I am using the print function to display my html. I cannot get the line
return ( \n ) character to actually push the html onto the next line, it
just gets displayed instead. Should I be using echo?

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 3:41 PM, John Butler

> I did this, and got my arrays dumped (on one line). After adding line
>> returns, here is a snippet:
> it looks OK.  Note that you can see (copy/paste) that array which you just
> dumped, much better, if you view the source code of the html page.  OR you
> can use <pre> to make that format persist thru' to what you see without
> viewing the source., Like so:
>        echo "<hr /><pre>\n";
>        var_dump($theArray);
>        echo "</pre>\n";
>        echo "<hr />\n";
> My brain is so full of my own work..  and I am newbie compared to most
> lurking here.. but I am sure we'll figure out your issue if we work on it
> systematically.  OK, your OP just said, "..I can't seem to get my foreach
> loops to work.."  , but you never said exactly what is the problem.  Break
> the problem down to the smallest thing that you can find that is not
> behaving as you expect it to, and explain  THAT to me.  We'll do this step
> by step.
> -John
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