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> so guys
> why u don't discuss Martins outcome?
> is there no advice, idears?
> isn't there a need for it?
> nobody want to use it?
> ralph_def...@yahoo.de
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I was following the entirely conversation, I must admit I wasn't expecting
such thread.

It is not common to see design patterns applied to PHP applications and, is
more common to don't see PHP applications. They are just scripts. Many
scripts in a simple folder puts together to do the dirty work.

Of course there are many kicking-ass PHP Applications, but they are a
minimum portion compared to old-fashioned scripts.

So, how do we start writing good quality PHP Applications? That's a very
good question, and I don't know the answer, but I think by talking about
design patterns we are in a good way.

It's true that using design patterns the code will run slower, but it'll be
flexible, maintable, and the most important: simple.
After all that's what we are looking for, something really simple that make
our life as developers happier every day. How do you explain the crescent
number of php frameworks for rapid development?

PHP core team has taken OOP seriously.
Do you note the new SPL objects? The core team creates those objects using
many designs patterns.
By example the RecursiveDirectoryIterator and it's family use the decorator
Also features such as "late static binding" were added because a design

I think there will be some "separation" in the community, those who will
stay using scripts and those who will use heavily OOP. I do not know who the
"dark side" will be, xD

Martin Scotta

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