well u got to know me personal, however may be u mix it with sarcasm?
may be I can't express that as good as I want in english.

if u follow the posts didn't some put me in the stupid corner?
I think its legal to ask why the question of Martin are not discussed.

and I still think, my question what he want to accomplish still is legal and

Many posts said, code done with design pattern framework are easy to
maintain and understand.

I ask u; is Martins work easy to understand? he put a lot of effort, but
with even design pattern it comes to the point of a good presentation. not
all people are the top smartest.

as u may have realised, he changed the presentation already and is coming up
with a more overview like documentation.

he is realy working hard, and I can't wait to see what benefit I could have
from his work what size of project it is worth for.

he deserves that design pattern experts comment his work.


"Robert Cummings" <rob...@interjinn.com> wrote in message
> Ralph Deffke wrote:
> > so guys
> >
> > why u don't discuss Martins outcome?
> > is there no advice, idears?
> > isn't there a need for it?
> > nobody want to use it?
> >
> Maybe it's your grasp of the English language, maybe not. But I detect
> an air of aggression to your posts.
> Cheers,
> Rob.
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