Hi Martin,

thanks for ur efforts, this is a lot of good work.

for my opinion the start is a bit too much theoretical and valid for all
type of application. In simple words, u are too close to the book.

I would love to have something closer to the purpose of PHP
and its applications.

if u have a look at the SMARTY documentation u have good explanation (and a
bad example by the way concerned oop) what are the real world problem.

When it comes to the final u find the most spagetti code in putting the page
grafic designer toghether with the business logic.

It would be great if this could be put in good oop patterns. As I can not
see that with the little amount of time I have got, p l e a s e tell me what
will come up on this edge?


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> > so guys
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> > why u don't discuss Martins outcome?
> > is there no advice, idears?
> > isn't there a need for it?
> > nobody want to use it?
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> I was following the entirely conversation, I must admit I wasn't expecting
> such thread.
> It is not common to see design patterns applied to PHP applications and,
> more common to don't see PHP applications. They are just scripts. Many
> scripts in a simple folder puts together to do the dirty work.
> Of course there are many kicking-ass PHP Applications, but they are a
> minimum portion compared to old-fashioned scripts.
> So, how do we start writing good quality PHP Applications? That's a very
> good question, and I don't know the answer, but I think by talking about
> design patterns we are in a good way.
> It's true that using design patterns the code will run slower, but it'll
> flexible, maintable, and the most important: simple.
> After all that's what we are looking for, something really simple that
> our life as developers happier every day. How do you explain the crescent
> number of php frameworks for rapid development?
> PHP core team has taken OOP seriously.
> Do you note the new SPL objects? The core team creates those objects using
> many designs patterns.
> By example the RecursiveDirectoryIterator and it's family use the
> pattern.
> Also features such as "late static binding" were added because a design
> pattern.
> I think there will be some "separation" in the community, those who will
> stay using scripts and those who will use heavily OOP. I do not know who
> "dark side" will be, xD
> -- 
> Martin Scotta

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