> Did you check SELinux options ??

I do not have root access to that server.

> I have a similar problem. For some unknown reason scan_dir() is not
> able to read /home/user when run as Apache module. but the CLI is
> giving expected results. I did not find any work around, but had to
> read /var/www which is the home directory of 'apache' (this is the
> user under which apache runs by default. hence you script needs 777 to
> execute)

Actually, it currently is 777. I thought it might be a permissions
problem so I 777ed it as a troubleshooting measure.

> So if every thing else fails I'll recommend you to move the script to
> /var/ww (usually your server root) instead of /home/user

I have no access to that directory.

Dotan Cohen


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