> Just out of curiosity, have you been able to run even the most basic of
> scripts from PHP, like a plain old BASH 'echo' statement or something? I
> only ask, because sometimes within the shell scripts themselves are
> calls to other command line programs (even something as simple as 'ls')
> which need to be called using their full path because Apache has a
> different path for shell scripts.

ls, pwd, and other commands run fine. The only command in the called
shell script is /usr/bin/mysqldump which for some reason out of habit
I always type with the full path!

> Also, you said you used include files
> in that same area. Is it possible that you are also trying to use one of
> them inside your shell script, but because the paths are different, the
> system cannot find the things you expect it to?

No, there are no other files included in this instance. I only
mentioned it to show that PHP can read from that directory.


Dotan Cohen


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