On Mon, 2009-08-17 at 17:01 +0300, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > Did you check SELinux options ??
> >
> I do not have root access to that server.
> > I have a similar problem. For some unknown reason scan_dir() is not
> > able to read /home/user when run as Apache module. but the CLI is
> > giving expected results. I did not find any work around, but had to
> > read /var/www which is the home directory of 'apache' (this is the
> > user under which apache runs by default. hence you script needs 777 to
> > execute)
> >
> Actually, it currently is 777. I thought it might be a permissions
> problem so I 777ed it as a troubleshooting measure.
> > So if every thing else fails I'll recommend you to move the script to
> > /var/ww (usually your server root) instead of /home/user
> >
> I have no access to that directory.
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Just out of curiosity, have you been able to run even the most basic of
scripts from PHP, like a plain old BASH 'echo' statement or something? I
only ask, because sometimes within the shell scripts themselves are
calls to other command line programs (even something as simple as 'ls')
which need to be called using their full path because Apache has a
different path for shell scripts. Also, you said you used include files
in that same area. Is it possible that you are also trying to use one of
them inside your shell script, but because the paths are different, the
system cannot find the things you expect it to?


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