Lars Torben Wilson wrote:

> Again, that's not a daemon. If it is sufficient to run a background
> process then that's fine, but that doesn't make it a daemon (although
> it shares some things in common with a daemon). The background process
> still has a controlling terminal (even if input and output have been
> redirected), and a fully-implemented daemon will typically perform
> other tasks which make it a good system citizen, such as: becoming
> session leader, chroot'ing to / so that the filesystem it was started
> from can be unmounted if necessary, and so on.

Torben, you're really just splitting hairs - the OP didn't ask for the
definition of "daemon', he just wanted a script to run continually as
if it was a daemon.  Besides, I did also suggest using either setsid or
openSUSEs startproc. 


Per Jessen, Zürich (28.5°C)

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