Jim Lucas wrote:

> Currently, I have two different uses for this startup script and
> daemon/bg process.
> One will deal with a master server for one of my games and the second
> will be for running a PBX SMDR/CDR capturing tool.
> The first must be able to deal with multiple simultaneous connections
> where as the second simply need to listen on the local serial port,
> connect to a remote IP:PORT, or attach itself to a IP:PORT
> and wait for input from another machine to be sent to it.  Once it
> receives the data, it simply parses it, sanitizes it, and stores it.

I probably wouldn't have chosen PHP for the first one, but there's no
reason it shouldn't work.  For the second one, did you mean to
write "serial port"?  That's a bit of a different animal, I'm not sure
how far you'll get with php.

> Here is what I have come up with so far.  Looks to satisfying my
> needs:
> tms_daemon

Looks good to me. It'll certainly do the job.


Per Jessen, Zürich (22.5°C)

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