2009/8/19 Per Jessen <p...@computer.org>:
> Jim Lucas wrote:


> I probably wouldn't have chosen PHP for the first one, but there's no
> reason it shouldn't work.  For the second one, did you mean to
> write "serial port"?  That's a bit of a different animal, I'm not sure
> how far you'll get with php.
>> Here is what I have come up with so far.  Looks to satisfying my
>> needs:
>> tms_daemon
> [snip]
> Looks good to me. It'll certainly do the job.
> /Per

I agree with Per on all points--I probably wouldn't choose PHP as a
first choice for the first task, but the startup script you have shown
looks like a bog-standard startup script and should serve you well. I
haven't really gone over it with a fine-toothed comb though. Typos
etc. are still up to to you. :) Of course, the whole thing depends on
how tms_daemon behaves, but the startup script looks OK.

Can you explain in a bit more detail exactly what the second part (the
serial-network data logger) needs to do? I've written similar daemons
in C but not PHP--when I've needed to get something like that going
with a PHP script, I've used ser2net (which I linked to in an earlier
post) and been quite happy. Maybe you don't even have to do the hard
work yourself (or buy extra hardware to do it for you).



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