Sessions are used on a per-domain basis. So, no matter how many windows or tabs you have open for mydomain.com it will be the same session for all. Having a different session start up for each window or tab would be a major pain. If you needed to keep track of a user ID, for example, you wouldn't be able to. As already mentioned you can use different browsers. You can also set up sub-domains which would each have their own sessions.

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On Aug 20, 2009, at 4:26 AM, Leon du Plessis wrote:

">> It's not an issue, it's a feature."

Thanks Arno...but it is a pain also.
If I work with user A in Tab1 (window1), I want to work with user B
separately in Tab2. When user in Tab2 logs off, I still want user A to work, and not suddenly have to re-login. Same with bank. If I work with my company account, then my personal account must not become an issue because I am on
the same machine and site.

I have no issue with using FF and IE to do testing as that takes care of browser compatibility testing at the same time :-), but I think when you start a new session with new values, it should be kept under that window/tab alone. Cookies can take care of more details, but my opinion is data should never be affected across windows/tabs unless the same user is logged in on both....even then I would expect PHP to keep data per session. Maybe it goes beyond being an IE or FF issue..the questiojn is...will PHP allow variables from session A become corrupted when session B is in progress when they
should actually be handled seperately?

In the end I think it is something I do wrong in PHP with the SESSION
variables and how I clear them....if so...I don't think PHP should allow
clearing SESSION variables from other sessions.

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Since we are on the subject: I have the following similar problem:

When testing page on internet explorer, I find that one tab's variables can affect another tab's variables. Thus when having the same web-site open and
using SESSION variables but for different users, Internet explorer can
become "disorientated". This also "sometimes" happen when I have two
separate browsing windows open with Internet Explorer for the same site.

I have yet to determine if this is an internet explorer, or PHP or
combination of the two that is causing this condition.

To my understanding _SESSION variables should be maintained per session, tab or window. If this has been addressed already, my apologies, but thought it
worthwhile to mention.

If someone perhaps have a solution or can confirm this as a known issue and
maybe is the same or related to Angelo's problem?


If different browser windows/tabs on the same client-side computer didn't share session info then you'd get the effect of being able to log onto a site with one browser window, but find in a second browser window that you were not yet logged on. Experience will tell you that you're logged on in both browser windows (try it with your online bank). It's not an issue, it's a feature. If you want to be able to use different browser windows as though they were different users then use different browsers e.g. IE and FF on the
same client-side computer will look like two separate end users to the
server, and they don't share session info or cookies.


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