On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 09:44:02AM +0200, Leon du Plessis wrote:
> Since we are on the subject: I have the following similar problem:
> When testing page on internet explorer, I find that one tab's variables can
> affect another tab's variables. Thus when having the same web-site open and
> using SESSION variables but for different users, Internet explorer can
> become "disorientated". This also "sometimes" happen when I have two
> separate browsing windows open with Internet Explorer for the same site.
> I have yet to determine if this is an internet explorer, or PHP or
> combination of the two that is causing this condition. 
> To my understanding _SESSION variables should be maintained per session, tab
> or window. If this has been addressed already, my apologies, but thought it
> worthwhile to mention.  

I'm a total newbie when it comes to these issues, but it seems to me
that Firefox behaves in the very same manner.  It's not limited to PHP
sessions either.  It's always been my experience on any website that
requires authentication, including the likes of Google Mail, etc.  When
I want to run multiple sessions for different GMail accounts, for
example, I just create a different user profile in Firefox. 

It'd make sense for things to run this way, I think.  After all, I'd
find it quite confusing if I log into Google Docs, open a document (by
default, it opens in a new tab) and I had to log in yet again to be able
to edit it.  

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