On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 09:12:19AM -0700, Chris Carter wrote:

> Hi,
> The code below actually takes input from a web form and sends the fields
> captured in an email. It used to work quite well since past few years. It
> has stopped now. I used Google's mail servers (google.com/a/website.com)
> <?
>   $fName = $_REQUEST['fName'] ;
>   $emailid = $_REQUEST['emailid'] ;
>     $number = $_REQUEST['number'] ;
>   $message = $_REQUEST['message'] ;
>   mail( "ch...@gmail.com", $number, $message, "From: $emailid" );
>   header( "Location: http://www.thankyou.com/thankYouContact.php"; );
> ?>
> This is the simplest one, how could it simply stop? Any help would be
> appreciated, I have already lost 148 queries that came through this form.

As a test, change $_REQUEST above to $_POST (assuming POST method on the
form), and try it.

Also check the return value of the mail() function to see if it thinks
it has succeeded or failed. If it fails, check the mail logs on the
server to find what the mail server thinks is wrong.


Paul M. Foster

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