You are absolutely right, more information is needed.  Many ISP's are
changing port number assignments on their SMTP outgoing email to prevent
abuse.  A simple change like that could cause the email to not go out, and
it has nothing to do with PHP.

Warren Vail
Vail Systems Technology
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2009/8/24 Chris Carter <>:
> Hi,
> The code below actually takes input from a web form and sends the fields
> captured in an email. It used to work quite well since past few years. It
> has stopped now. I used Google's mail servers (
> <?
>  $fName = $_REQUEST['fName'] ;
>  $emailid = $_REQUEST['emailid'] ;
>    $number = $_REQUEST['number'] ;
>  $message = $_REQUEST['message'] ;
>  mail( "", $number, $message, "From: $emailid" );
>  header( "Location:"; );
> ?>
> This is the simplest one, how could it simply stop? Any help would be
> appreciated, I have already lost 148 queries that came through this form.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris

Hi Chris,

More information would be very helpful. In exactly what way is it
failing? Blank page? Apparently normal operation, except the email
isn't being sent? Error messages? Log messages? etc. . .

One possibility is that the server config has changed to no longer
allow short open tags. This is easy to check for by simply replacing
'<?' with <?php' on the first line.

There are of course other possibilities but without knowing how it's
failing, any guesses would just be shots in the dark.



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