2009/8/25 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
> At 2:31 PM +0100 8/25/09, Stuart wrote:
>> Please don't reply directly unless you intend to pay me for my time.
>> 2009/8/25 Ralph Deffke <ralph_def...@yahoo.de>:
>>>  sorry but its about the top topic it say it never does an error if u
>>> dont
>>>  give an argument
>> I accept that your English is not great, but given that you should be
>> a bit more careful.
>> The OP said "is it the case that unset() does not trigger an error or
>> throw an exception if it's argument was never set?". That does not say
>> "if you don't give an argument". Not even close.
>> -Stuart
> I can't believe that you are wasting time on this. This guy is beyond
> clueless.

To be fair tedd English is clearly not his main language and I can see
how you could misunderstand the original question as he did. What I
objected to was that he took what he interpreted as the question being
asked, saw that it did in fact behave that way and then proceeded to
completely fabricate an explanation as to why it does so when that
explanation does little more than demonstrate that he clearly has no
understanding of what's actually going on. I can't stand people who
claim to know what they're talking about when they're really making it
up as they go along.

Actually, an explanation like that does do a lot more than demonstrate
ignorance. It gives naive observers of this thread, now and in the
future, incorrect information that they may potentially rely upon if
nobody corrects it. That's why I'm "wasting" my time on this - I do it
for the greater good.

Hmm, maybe I just need a holiday...



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