2009/8/26 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
> At 11:34 PM +0100 8/25/09, Stuart wrote:
>> 2009/8/25 tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com>:
>>  > I can't believe that you are wasting time on this. This guy is beyond
>>>  clueless.
>> To be fair tedd English is clearly not his main language and I can see
>> how you could misunderstand the original question as he did. What I
>> objected to was that he took what he interpreted as the question being
>> asked, saw that it did in fact behave that way and then proceeded to
>> completely fabricate an explanation as to why it does so when that
>> explanation does little more than demonstrate that he clearly has no
>> understanding of what's actually going on. I can't stand people who
>> claim to know what they're talking about when they're really making it
>> up as they go along.
>> Actually, an explanation like that does do a lot more than demonstrate
>> ignorance. It gives naive observers of this thread, now and in the
>> future, incorrect information that they may potentially rely upon if
>> nobody corrects it. That's why I'm "wasting" my time on this - I do it
>> for the greater good.
>> Hmm, maybe I just need a holiday...
>> -Stuart
>> --
>> http://stut.net/
> -Stuart:
> I understand the language problem and how someone might use incorrect
> diction when speaking/writing English, but php is not English dependant.
> When someone says that unset(); does not work and provides an example that
> clearly demonstrates they don't know how to use it, then I throw up my hands
> and say RFTM in whatever language it's available. So, I wasn't objecting to
> the OP original statement but rather his "proof" that unset() wasn't
> working. You and I are objecting to the same thing.
> My hat is off to you for contributing to the "greater good", but your
> efforts might be better spent attending to the needs of higher level idiots
> (like myself) and let us middle level idiots attend to the idiots, if you
> get my drift. :-)
> My comment is only a suggestion for you to consider. From my perspective, I
> hate to see such a valuable resource as yourself wasted on the clueless.
> And, we all need a holiday...

Apparently a holiday is out of the question, so I've decided to change
jobs instead. A new environment, that's all I need.

Loving your view of this list as a hierarchy of idiots btw, I think
that works as a description for a lot of places.



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