At 2:12 PM +0100 8/26/09, Stuart wrote:
2009/8/26 tedd <>:

 > And, we all need a holiday...

Apparently a holiday is out of the question, so I've decided to change
jobs instead. A new environment, that's all I need.

Loving your view of this list as a hierarchy of idiots btw, I think
that works as a description for a lot of places.



I hope your new job still includes this list.

As for the "hierarchy of idiots", but of course -- if we weren't idiots we would be doing something that made lot's of money.

I had a client say to me once "If you're so smart, then why aren't you rich?" I answered quickly "What makes you think I'm not?" But privately his comment cut me to the quick. There was no question that much dumber people than me (according to me) were making far more bucks than I was.

So, who's the smart one? Is it the guy that went to college to get three degrees to work his ass off for a moron who pays a a fraction of what he makes on the deal? Or is it the moron who sniffs out the deal and gets idiots to work for him?

It appears that the world is made up of morons and idiots -- the problem is that idiots do all the work and morons make all the money. The smarter the idiot, the more work that's available. The craftier the moron, the more money they make and thus the more idiots they hire.

As for me, sometimes I'm an idiot and other times I'm a moron. But what I really would like to be is retired so I could do this for a hobby.




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