I've encountered issue with checking $_POST['submit']
   if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {}

If the form consists of checkbox/radio and text field, some of my forms can be submitted by just press [ENTER] at the end of one of the text field. In this case, the $_POST['submit'] is set even the submit button was not clicked. However, in some of my forms, $_POST['submit'] will not be set if I submit the form by pressing [ENTER] in one of the text field. So, if the later case happen, I need to remind the user to explicitly click the [Submit] button. I don't know why or in what condition that pressing [ENTER] will not submit the whole form include the $_POST['submit'].


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On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 23:21 -0400, Adam Jimerson wrote:
On 08/27/2009 11:09 PM, Adam Jimerson wrote:
> This question might give away the fact that I am a php noob, but I am
> looking for the best way to test for form submission in PHP.  I know in
> Perl this can be done with
> if (param)
> but I don't know if that will work with PHP.  I have read the Learning
> PHP 5 book and the only thing that was mentioned in the book was the > use
> of something like this
> print "<p>Hello ".$_POST['username']."</p>";

Sorry copied and pasted the wrong line (long day)

if (array_key_exists('username',$_POST))
> I'm sure that this is not the best/recommended way to do this but I'm
> hoping someone here will point me in the right direction.

The best way I've found is to do something like this:


Note that in-place of submit you can put the name of any form element. I
chose submit here, because every form should have a submit button. Note
also that this will only work if you have given your submit button a

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"/>


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