Warren Vail wrote:
To test a form I usually send the form contents to a php file that contains
the following;

foreach($_POST as $nm => $val) echo "_POST[".$nm."] [".$val."]<br>";
foreach($_GET as $nm => $val) echo "_GET[".$nm."] [".$val."]<br>";

Checkboxes and radio buttons only send their value if the control is

You can have multiple submit buttons (type="submit") on a form, but you
should assign them different name parameters to recognize which one is
clicked (any one of them will cause the form to be submitted, but the only
one that will establish a $_POST entry named "submit" is the submit control
that is named "submit" (name="submit").

I would suggest NOT naming any field submit. There will come a time when you will want to do form.submit() in JavaScript and you will find it broken in one of the browsers. I'm not sure which, but one of them breaks if you have named a field "submit". As a result I always use "continue" instead :)

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