On 8/29/09 9:29 AM, "tedd" <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> At 1:18 AM -0700 8/29/09, Warren Vail wrote:
>> To test a form I usually send the form contents to a php file that contains
>> the following;
>> foreach($_POST as $nm => $val) echo "_POST[".$nm."] [".$val."]<br>";
>> foreach($_GET as $nm => $val) echo "_GET[".$nm."] [".$val."]<br>";
>> Checkboxes and radio buttons only send their value if the control is
>> "checked".
> That's correct, here's the way I solve both types:
> http://php1.net/b/form-radio
> http://php1.net/b/form-radio1
> http://php1.net/b/form-checkbox/
> http://php1.net/b/form-checkbox1/

warren's test script above doesn't work so well with tedd's scheme for
naming radios & checkboxs. tedd uses name="option[]" in the markup so in
warren's script, when $nm is 'option', $val will be an array so it won't
convert to a string in ".$val.".

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