At 2:02 PM -0700 9/1/09, Jessi Berkelhammer wrote:
As a monolingual North American, I am also very uncomfortable with this thread.

A rant about abbreviations/IRC jargon is an appropriate discussion for list, but criticizing how non-native English speakers write English is not. This thread began with a mention of the "attitude" that non-native English speakers have, as if non-native English speakers are a unified group that are are more likely to have a bad attitude than native English speakers. Of course such a generalization could make people uncomfortable.


tedd wrote:
 At 11:16 AM -0300 9/1/09, Martin Scotta wrote:
 As a non-english speaker I feel very uncomfortable with this thread.

 > You shouldn't feel uncomfortable because no one is talking about you.

As a fellow monolingual North American, I feel very uncomfortable about your statement as well. Does any other monolingual North American feel the same way as I do? Please expound on your feelings about this most disheartening and distasteful topic. (Boy has this thread degenerated into some politically correct bullsh#t, huh?)

Look if you are not the one using "u" as a substitute for "you", then I don't see any support for the discomfort you may feel about this thread. But you are free to feel as it is your nature (shudder).

If non-English users (or anyone else for that matter) want to use "u" for "you" that's fine -- but I'll refrain from helping them as well. I am sure that if I were writing in their language and shortened it to uncomprehending gibberish, I would receive the same treatment from them. Why is this so hard to understand -- am I using words that are two lengthy?




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