tedd wrote:
> At 2:02 PM -0700 9/1/09, Jessi Berkelhammer wrote:
>> As a monolingual North American, I am also very uncomfortable with
>> this thread.
>> A rant about abbreviations/IRC jargon is an appropriate discussion for
>> list, but criticizing how non-native English speakers write English is
>> not. This thread began with a mention of the "attitude" that
>> non-native English speakers have, as if non-native English speakers
>> are a unified group that are are more likely to have a bad attitude
>> than native English speakers. Of course such a generalization could
>> make people uncomfortable.
>> -jessi
>> tedd wrote:
>>>  At 11:16 AM -0300 9/1/09, Martin Scotta wrote:
>>>>  As a non-english speaker I feel very uncomfortable with this thread.
>>  > You shouldn't feel uncomfortable because no one is talking about you.
>>  >
> As a fellow monolingual North American, I feel very uncomfortable about
> your statement as well. Does any other monolingual North American feel
> the same way as I do? Please expound on your feelings about this most
> disheartening and distasteful topic. (Boy has this thread degenerated
> into some politically correct bullsh#t, huh?)
> Look if you are not the one using "u" as a substitute for "you", then I
> don't see any support for the discomfort you may feel about this thread.
> But you are free to feel as it is your nature (shudder).
> If non-English users (or anyone else for that matter) want to use "u"
> for "you" that's fine -- but I'll refrain from helping them as well. I
> am sure that if I were writing in their language and shortened it to
> uncomprehending gibberish, I would receive the same treatment from them.
> Why is this so hard to understand -- am I using words that are two lengthy?
> Cheers,
> tedd

Words that are two lengthy: "of", "an", "to", "it" (etc.)
Words that are too lengthy: "antidisestablishmentarianism",
"internationalisation" and that other one that begins with "flocci..." something

Sorry tedd :)

+1 on hating l33tsp34k and txtspk though (not tho). The American standardisation
of English spelling did quite enough damage to the beautiful language of
Shakespeare (who couldn't even spell his own name consistently), without any
more neologisms creeping in.

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