At 9:40 AM +0100 9/2/09, Peter Ford wrote:
The American standardisation
of English spelling did quite enough damage to the beautiful language of
Shakespeare (who couldn't even spell his own name consistently), without any
more neologisms creeping in.

Okay, Shakespeare... "2B || !2B" is an example of what we were talking about.

As to Shakespeare spelling his name consistently, I can't comment. But there is a "story" where Shakespeare assisted in the translation of the King James version of the Bible.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 and supposedly worked on the Bible when he was 46 years old. The Bible was published one year later in 1611.

In King James version of the Bible one can go to the 46th Psalm and count 46 words from the beginning and find the work "Shake". Similarly, one can count 46 words forward from the end of the 46 Psalm and find the word "Spear".

For proof of the word count, here's a link (count for yourself):

Was this Shakespeare's addition or a coincidence? It's probably a coincidence for I find it highly unlikely that Shakespeare influenced the writing of the Bible, but I find it interesting speculation.




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