At 3:27 PM +0200 9/11/09, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
That's a finished production site ... how did you debug during its development? 'Cause Formaldehyde is for development, not for production ... I guess you have implented your own error manager/debugger, right?

What's to debug?

The site --

-- uses a very simple ajax script, namely:

Outside of that, everything else is done in php, html, and css, which is completely separate from ajax. I can create a very extensive and complicated site using that simple ajax routine without any alteration whatsoever. I don't need a debugger because I never touch the code.

Now maybe I'm not getting it, but from my perspective ajax is pretty simple. The point I'm getting at is that ajax is simply a method of communication -- you send stuff and you read stuff. You don't need to rewrite the US Postal Service every time you send/receive a letter.



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