Ajax interactions usually produces different results, 'cause an Ajax 
interaction that returns an entire document does not make much sense.
Formaldehyde is for Ajax interaction, which "in my case" I always catch via 
headers checks or special parameters.

Formaldehyde is client agnostic, FireBUG or FirePHP could or could not be 
there, but providing both server and client code, we do not have to worry about 

Finally, even if called manually, the page will have a status 500 and the error 
will be still readable, being it the first JSON encoded key but obviously, for 
manual interactions it is extremely simple to spot the error, if any, since PHP 
clearly shows it in the page, if there are no other debuggers.

The stuff about application/json does not make much sense to me, and FireBUG 
shows automatically things passed via eval, it is not about the response type 
(also because it could simply be a security problem)

Again, Formaldehyde, is client side agnostic, so if we have IE, rather than 
Firefox, or Safari, Chrome, Opera, Formaldehyde will work, helping with 
unmanaged PHP errors (or managed one, if we manually throw an exception or 
trigger an error)


> From: kranthi...@gmail.com
> Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 11:39:43 +0530
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> Subject: Re: [PHP] RE: [Formaldehyde] The Most Basic Ajax - PHP Error Debugger
> I dont think I understood you completely..
> Javascript debugger: Something you use to debug javascript. but
> Formaldehyde dosent make any seance if xhr object is not used.
> PHP Debugger: We cant use Formaldehyde to debug errors in every single
> PHP script. I am talking about pages called directly via the browsers
> URL bar. FirePHP on the other hand can be used with all PHP scripts.
> AJAX Debugger: I think the example given in Formaldehyde Google code
> page fits this category. If not may be you can give an example ?
> @Andera May be you should consider using application/json as the
> content type instead of text/plain.
> The Response text given by  Formaldehyde cannot be understood manually
> (for example if I use jQuery.load()).
> Had the content type been application/json firebug parses it by default
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