I dont think I understood you completely..

Javascript debugger: Something you use to debug javascript. but
Formaldehyde dosent make any seance if xhr object is not used.
PHP Debugger: We cant use Formaldehyde to debug errors in every single
PHP script. I am talking about pages called directly via the browsers
URL bar. FirePHP on the other hand can be used with all PHP scripts.
AJAX Debugger: I think the example given in Formaldehyde Google code
page fits this category. If not may be you can give an example ?

@Andera May be you should consider using application/json as the
content type instead of text/plain.
The Response text given by  Formaldehyde cannot be understood manually
(for example if I use jQuery.load()).
Had the content type been application/json firebug parses it by default

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