Dotan Cohen wrote:
I think this is an English language list.

The OP was just wishing everyone a happy new year. I then replied back
asking him not to CC the list with such matters, but in a flash of
brilliance CCed the list (bad, gmail, bad!) myself. I apologize.

Actually all that was needed was an extra couple of lines in your reply - in english ;)

Had it not been a case of 'happy new year', and someone was looking for help getting directed to the right place, then the occasional message here should not be frowned at. Being totally linguistically challenged ( even in English ;) ) I do understand the frustration when the best support seems to be in another language. Especially when 'google' directs you to those pages even with 'English' is selected!

And knowing that there is a large Jewish presence in PHP - I believe 'Rosh Hashanah' is the correct translation?

On a more serious note - but I'm not actually complaining this time - can we please get back to a roadmap to get PHP6 out of the door! Even only using ASCCI internally, the amount of contact details that are filling my own address book that require Unicode makes me glad that at least the linux desktop is unicode agnostic and can handle these messages! So isn't it about time we had a version of PHP that does not require 'jiggery pokery' to cope with any text?

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