> Actually all that was needed was an extra couple of lines in your reply - in
> english ;)

Had I meant to reply to the list, I most certainly would have added
that. It is not the first time that I have replied to the wrong
entities with Gmail. I must learn to double check the To lines, I
know. It's not that hard!

> Had it not been a case of 'happy new year', and someone was looking for help
> getting directed to the right place, then the occasional message here should
> not be frowned at. Being totally linguistically challenged ( even in English
> ;) ) I do understand the frustration when the best support seems to be in
> another language. Especially when 'google' directs you to those pages even
> with 'English' is selected!

Agreed 100%, in fact, I blame PHP and the Fedora list for improving my English!

> And knowing that there is a large Jewish presence in PHP - I believe 'Rosh
> Hashanah' is the correct translation?

"Rosh Hashanah" means "new year", "happy new year" would be "shana tova".

> On a more serious note - but I'm not actually complaining this time - can we
> please get back to a roadmap to get PHP6 out of the door! Even only using
> ASCCI internally, the amount of contact details that are filling my own
> address book that require Unicode makes me glad that at least the linux
> desktop is unicode agnostic and can handle these messages! So isn't it about
> time we had a version of PHP that does not require 'jiggery pokery' to cope
> with any text?

Unfortunately I am not one of those responsible for such matters, but
I do believe that Zeev and Andi have a good idea of the anticipation.

Dotan Cohen


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