> Question I was Asked by Andrea- "mod_reqrite or .htaccess is the answer, but
> I wonder why you choose /user/username rather than just /username a la
> twitter."
> I will be using many other aspects of my users something like
> "/projects/username/"; "/gallery/username/".

well, it does not matter if this service is user based.

/username/ #as user home page

/username/projects/ #as user projects

/username/gallery/ #as user gallery

/username/etc ...

it's just a silly point but from user home page you isntantly know if user 
exists and you instantly know subsections

In your way you assume that there is a gallery for that user while he could 
have created only projects, without galleries.
So one search failed, while to go in the user page I need to digit /user/ 
before, not a big deal but we are in tinyurl and bit.ly era

Google Code put simply a /p/ as prefix plus the project name plus subsection



since you are starting now, maybe you could consider this semantic alternative, 
if it suits your requirements.

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