Output buffering will do it.

Also I am not sure but did you try retrieving content with fopen() ?

Something like

$file = 'invoicetable_bottom.php';


worth trying. Easier than output buffering

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The simplest way (actually the single way I know :) ) would be to
capture the output using output buffering functions, something like this:

// start output buffering

// include the file that generates the HTML (or whatever content)
include "....";

// get output buffer content

// clean output buffer and stop buffering

// the content generated in the included file is now in $output variable
// use it as you consider fit


Rob Gould wrote:
> I have an invoice table that is drawn on a number of pages, so I have
> all the logic in an include-file like this:
> include "invoicetable_bottom.php";
> However, now I'm needing to take the output from that include file and
> pass it as an email.  To do that, I need to somehow take the output from
> this include file and get it into a variable somehow.  Is there a simple
> way to do this?
> Something like:  $emailtcontent = include "invoicetable_bottom.php"?

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