on 10/01/2009 09:00 AM MEM said the following:
> One last question about this:
> I've done a self submit form, after hearing all the advantages expressed
> here. 
> But how could we relate, without using javascript, a self submit form with a
> "success page" or a "confirmation page" that doesn't show the form?
> Can please someone throw me some infos about this please?
> Ps- I've googled: "php redirect success page on self submit form" and
> similar... 

All you need to do is to include an hidden field in the form. Then check
the respective $_POST or $_GET variable is set. If it is not set, show
the form for the first time. If it is set, validate the form and process
it. If the form is not valid, show the form again with previously
submitted values.

This tutorial video explains this workflow:


This example script demonstrates how to setup your code. It uses a
function of a forms class name WasSubmiteed() to check if the form is
being presented for the first time or is being submitted:



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