I want to apologize to you all. I have mentioned two things on the same
basket, but it was not appropriate. Since a confirmation page is not the
same thing as a success page.

Let's forget about the confirmation page, since it's not required.

I'm now understanding that even if the form is submitted to self, we can
still use a redirect to a "success_message_page.php". However, we must do
this redirect, AFTER the form has submitted to himself. It's the only thing
that we have to pay attention here, correct?

Since we are not dealing with a confirmation page, or a multi-step form, the
hidden field isn't necessary.

It's this correct assumptions?

Please advice,

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> >> You say you don't use hidden fields because they can be modified too
> >> easily, yet you say you check for the submit button? Which out of
> the
> >> two do you do, as last time I checked, modifying one form field is
> as
> >> easy as changing any other!
> I completely agree with you. changing submit text is as easy as
> changing hidden fields, but its less likely for a user to modify a
> submit button as compared to a hidden field. moreover it just reduces
> my typing load. (This is just my practice)
> >> Also worth noting, you can only successfully check for the
> name="submit"
> >> value if there is only one submit button in your form, as that is
> then
> >> the default (and only) submit that the form can use, so it uses that.
> If
> >> you have more than one submit button (and this includes image input
> >> elements) then using the keyboard will use the first submit field it
> >> finds I believe.
> Cant agree with you on this though. as far as i know using name=""
> (names of the two buttons may/may not be unique) is the only way to
> track form submission for forms with multiple submit buttons. Please
> point out if you think otherwise
> --
> Kranthi.

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