At 3:39 PM +0100 10/4/09, MEM wrote:
 > i don't think so. if the user requests the page "a_form.php" then the
 will normally execute the a_form.php script regardless whether the form
 submitted or not.

 to display a blank form, the user probably requests a_form.php with the
 method and probably without any GET parameters. the script will run but
 $_POST['submit'] is not set. so the script you show above will echo
 couldn't process the form". that will likely confuse the user.

Ok... but please have a look here, I've uploaded and tested that code, and I
can assure you that the message doesn't appear when the form first load:
Note: if you use: "copy to clipboard" option the numbers will gone.


The problem, as I see it, is that you are not willing to write a simple example and get that to work. Instead, you complicate things beyond your ability to understand.

My advice, step back -- write a simple example that does what you want and then expand it.




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