If you are distributing your application over multiple servers, using a database for session tracking allows a user to continue there session regardless of which server their request bounces too. It prevents the need for 'sticky' network connections which time out anyways. Databases can make scaling applications to enterprise size considerably easier. There are other file based solutions that are dirty and require you to play with file locking and all that nastyness.

You also don't need access to the php.ini file to implement session in a database, check out http://php.net/session_set_save_handler

Il pinguino volante wrote:
(There were some erroros in the previous email, I'm sorry)

Hi to all.

I have to realize an authentication system for a lot of users.

I heard that someone uses to store session states (?) into a database. I'd like to know how and, expecially, WHY to do it and what's would be better (considering that I CANNOT -d'oh!- edit the php.ini file).

Thanks in advance,

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