Il pinguino volante wrote:
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Hi to all.

I have to realize an authentication system for a lot of users.

I heard that someone uses to store session states (?) into a database. I'd like to know how and, expecially, WHY to do it and what's would be better (considering that I CANNOT -d'oh!- edit the php.ini file).
Considering you cannot edit the php.ini-file i suspect you are on a shared host. Using the database for intense work in a shared environment is not always popular. I would guess that file based session-files are more scalable. And as you are using a shared hosting service you are probably not load balanced between physical different boxes and this would not gain from using the DB. So if you have to manage a large number of user sessions i would suggest you choose a VPS or deducated/colo box and then use DB with memcached in between for fast caching. That is the way i have done it for a couple of sites i am working on.

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