Sam Stelfox wrote on 2009-10-06 18:09:
If you are distributing your application over multiple servers, using a database for session tracking allows a user to continue there session regardless of which server their request bounces too. It prevents the need for 'sticky' network connections which time out anyways.

I know Alfio don't have access to the php.ini file, but if you do and have the above setup, consider using a tmp dir like /phptmp and have one root server and mount the other servers /phptmp to the root servers /phptmp

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Il pinguino volante wrote:
(There were some erroros in the previous email, I'm sorry)

Hi to all.

I have to realize an authentication system for a lot of users.

I heard that someone uses to store session states (?) into a database. I'd like to know how and, expecially, WHY to do it and what's would be better (considering that I CANNOT -d'oh!- edit the php.ini file).

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