May be this will work
$elapsed = 28.56018;
$elapsed_rel = (int) 28.56018;
$elapsed_deci = $elapsed - $elapsed_rel;
$deci = ((int) ($elapsed_deci * 10))/10;
$final = $elapsed_rel + $deci;

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I need to extract the first digit after the decimal point from a number such
as 28.56018, which should be '5'.

I've tried a few methods to accomplish this. If I use 'ini_set' I would need
to know the number of digits before the decimal (which, unfortunately, I
would not have access to).

Then I've tried:


        $elapsed = 28.56018;

        $digit = round($elapsed, 1); // rounds result is '6'
        $digit = number_format($elapsed, 1); // still rounds result to '6'


What I need is only the first digit after the decimal -- all the rest could
be 'chopped' or discarded but without rounding the first digit after the
decimal point.

Is there any way of doing this?

I'm stumped.



One way that should work regardless the number of digits before/after the
decimal is:
- convert to string (sprintf or typecast)
- strpos the decimal
- grab the char from the next position


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