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bitwise right shift is probably the fastest cast to int so far ... still in many languages, intval is a function call

being a cast in both cases (int) is good as well ... bitwise, casting, works with strings, arrays, boolean, whatever as well.

I don't think there is any difference in php, except when the integer is "too big" ... but this was not the case, we had to deal with 1 to 10 :-)


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Hmmm... Didn't think about this, but % only works with int values

it was just future prof precaution since this statement is false for many other languages.
In few words I am not sure PHP6 does the same ... never mind so far

Good to know. In that case, I would probably just use intval() instead of >> since it's clearer and bitwise shifts aren't necessarily integer only either.


I like the bitwise shifting, but here's another potential (albeit probably slower) solution.

$a = 28.56018;
list (,$dec) = explode ('.', $a);
$b = $dec{0};


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