Chris Cocuzzo wrote:

>I'm writing my band's website mostly in PHP. My original idea was to use a
>switch statement to compensate for all the different functions i would need
>to use, for example a function to stream songs, download songs, display
>links, display shows, etc...
>I wanted to have all these functions on one master page called index.php,
>and then have one of the functions within my switch statement be used for
>display each individual page. So this function would include each separate
>php file, and then basically the master file has all of the functions that
>each page needs to function correctly. Is this a good idea?
>also. related question. if I have a file called index.php, and I include the
>file bio.php on that page, will the $PHP_SELF variable be set to bio.php, or
>to index.php?

In a nutshell, you've just described the 'fusebox' method.  Originated 
under Cold Fusion, there are
movements to port this style to PHP and ASP, and probably other platforms.  

It's not bad, but personally, I think it's a bit weak in some cases - 
we've taken it a step further in house,
but the idea is similar. has more info on this style.

Michael Kimsal
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