ok, so it may be weak, but that's not really my question. If you think it's
not so good, what steps have you taken beyond just the basic fusebox code
architecture, and what OTHER methods would you think of using if you were in
my situation.

I figured it would make sense to have all functions on one master page, but
I don't have a problem making separate pages. I'm just looking for what
people think is the best, or rather the better way of doing this, or if none
of that applies, simply a DIFFERENT way?


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Chris Cocuzzo wrote:

>I'm writing my band's website mostly in PHP. My original idea was to use a
>switch statement to compensate for all the different functions i would need
>to use, for example a function to stream songs, download songs, display
>links, display shows, etc...
>I wanted to have all these functions on one master page called index.php,
>and then have one of the functions within my switch statement be used for
>display each individual page. So this function would include each separate
>php file, and then basically the master file has all of the functions that
>each page needs to function correctly. Is this a good idea?
>also. related question. if I have a file called index.php, and I include
>file bio.php on that page, will the $PHP_SELF variable be set to bio.php,
>to index.php?

In a nutshell, you've just described the 'fusebox' method.  Originated
under Cold Fusion, there are
movements to port this style to PHP and ASP, and probably other platforms.

It's not bad, but personally, I think it's a bit weak in some cases -
we've taken it a step further in house,
but the idea is similar.

fusebox.org has more info on this style.

Michael Kimsal
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