>In a nutshell, you've just described the 'fusebox' method.  Originated 
>under Cold Fusion, there are
>movements to port this style to PHP and ASP, and probably other platforms.  
>It's not bad, but personally, I think it's a bit weak in some cases - 
>we've taken it a step further in house,
>but the idea is similar.
>fusebox.org has more info on this style.

Okay, what's weak about it?  I've long pondered this question myself.  I have a 
modular script and I've debated between having a big switch statement on the index 
calling functions that are declared in include files... or splitting the switch 
statement into each include file with it.

Overall though, this approach has worked well for me.  But, in my limited scripting 
experience, I may be missing some pros and cons on it.  I'm still figuring out the 
best way to lay out my functions and such.  

PHPBuilder has an article about web box, a PHP implementation of fusebox:  


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