What's the job position? And the company style? The sample you should
leave depends on the requirements and type of experience needed, and the
company area of work (ie, development of e-commerce sites)

  For example if it is a programmer/webdesigner for a company that does a
lot of community websites, you should leave mailing lists ou foruns.

  If it is for a company that does experimetal design and they want just
some interaction with the users, you bring to them another stuff.

  So, if you could answer my questions it would give me an opportunity to
answer you better.

  PS: If it's is possible, could you describe a little the position (not
just the name, please :-)) for me, I am from Brazil and we may have
different ways to call a worker that does the same thing....


  Julio Nobrega.

Yes, I am developing another 'Portal-System'
Have a look:

"Jcampbell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hey Everyone.
> This isn't a request for code or help, just thoughts and ideas.
> I've recently been asked to bring along some code examples for a job
> interview I will be heading to this week. This was the exact request "The
> sample does not have to be within any particular language, but something
> that is a substantive representation of your style and logic. "
> I'm not sure what to take. Most of my PHP and other projects are lengthy
> involved. I'm not sure if it would be better to print out functions I've
> created that perform tasks, or just find something that did wonderfully
> challenging things and print that out. Anyone have thoughts on this?
> =-
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