I would say get a function or several functions that are indictatiave of 
your style and solve a fairly complex problem in an elegant way.  I 
don't think thousands of lines of code will be necessary.


JCampbell wrote:

>Hey Everyone.
>This isn't a request for code or help, just thoughts and ideas.
>I've recently been asked to bring along some code examples for a job
>interview I will be heading to this week. This was the exact request "The
>sample does not have to be within any particular language, but something
>that is a substantive representation of your style and logic. "
>I'm not sure what to take. Most of my PHP and other projects are lengthy and
>involved. I'm not sure if it would be better to print out functions I've
>created that perform tasks, or just find something that did wonderfully
>challenging things and print that out. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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