You could also bring with you someone else's code :-).

Frankly speaking, if I interview programming candidates, I define a couple
of practical problems to see what kind of background they have, how to solve
it, the thinking process is as important as the final result. If someone
gives a stock answer without going through analysis why this is the best,
then it shows (at least in my eyes) that they have not done a lot of coding,
as seldom the first answer is the best one. Also, if the solution hints at
code reuse, classes, and so forth, then that shows they are thinking about
maintenance of code. If you bring your own samples, anything that shows that
you are thinking about maintenance and code reusability would be a big plus,
as well as if there's clearly an architecture behind the whole solution --
even better a scaleable one. Anyway, hope this helps, Kent

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